Know Your Judges
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How Colorado judges are chosen and how their job performance is evaluated is a simple process.

You play an important role.  Colorado has a model judicial selection process that is nationally recognized. It keeps our courts fair and impartial. Many states without a system like ours struggle with high-dollar election campaigns, special interest influence on court decisions, and ineffective judges.

Here’s a quick overview of Colorado’s system:
Step 1: Selecting Colorado Judges   

Colorado judges are selected by the Governor based on a list of nominees provided by citizen nominating commissions.   Appointed judges serve a provisional term and then you, through your ballot, decide if they should stay on the job or go. It’s a big responsibility - and why you should “Know Your Judge.”  Click here to learn more about Colorado’s judicial selection process, length of terms, and mandatory retirement age for judges.  

Step 2: Evaluating Colorado Judges  

Judges are subject to performance reviews and are accountable to Coloradans - in essence, they work for you. 

In Colorado, a nonpartisan commission of citizens gathers information from a broad base of people within the court system and those who are impacted by the court system. The commission makes recommendations whether a judge should stay or not.  You have the right to read their judicial performance evaluations prior to voting. That way, you can decide for yourself whether a judge is fair, impartial, and qualified.  

Click here for more specifics on the criteria used in the evaluation process.   

Step 3: Deciding if judges are doing a good job, or if they need to go.   

Now that you have the facts, it’s time for your say. Should your judges remain on the bench?  

Don’t skip them on the ballot.  Be informed.  Get the facts and make your important vote count.  

Click here for more detailed information.

Click here to find the judges that are on your ballot.